Airwil Green Avenue Surajpur Greater Noida

Airwil Group is one of the leading real estate developers in India. This is group is well known in each part of NCR for its quality of construction and nature oriented development. This group has produced many world class projects in various parts if national Capital Region. After successful development of many projects this group has again planned to develop one of residential projects in Surajpur in the name of Airwil Green Avenue. As Airwil Group is well reputed because of providing better facilities and amenities and developing projects on most demanding location, this project is also located on most demanding location and this project has world class facilities and amenities.

Airwil Green Avenue is located on the most demanding location in Greater Noida. This location is well connected to each part of the city and nearby cities like Noida, greater Noida, Delhi and Noida extension. This project is well located just beside the formula one racing track. As India’s first formula one racing track is well located very close to the location of Green Avenue, some of the new initiatives have been proposed on this location like metro station, international airport, Knowledge Park with university and Night Safari. Airwil Green Avenue Surajpur is being developed on the large green size of 8.5 acres. This large green size is going to give more than 70% of open area which will be full of greenery, nature oriented technologies and many more. In this large land total 9 of towers will be developed in which 8 will be residential and 1 will be commercial. These towers have been well designed according to get same amount of natural amenities.

People do not only want to entire inside amenities which they can use in their residences, but they also want to grab all outside amenities. Airwil Green Avenue Surajpur Greater Noida is offering entire outside amenities like tropical swimming pool, world class gymnasium, open air lounge, restaurant on terrace, Jacuzzi, aroma massage therapy spa, movie theatre, cards room and banquet area with capacity of 300 people. Airwil Group has empowered this project with the availability of world class features which are useful to get natural amenities. These installed features are rain water harvesting, certified earthquake resistant structure, 24 hours intercom enable security service, natural light in basement, 24 hours hot water and electricity supply.  Airwil Group is developing this project in the same way as they are delivering quality residence to the people.


Top Real Estate Builders in India

Indian Real Estate Market is growing in huge pace beyond each leap and bound. As we all know that India is a developing country, so the huge demand of property in India and interest of the people regarding buying and investing have increased the development rate of real estate market in this country. Not only the people of India are showing their interest in real estate market of India but the people from outside of India are also interested in it. People are seeing that there are various positive factors in India which will allow them to get better ROI. The first thing which developers and investors are seeing in India is the demand of real estate projects which is very high. There are many Real Estate Developers In India who are working in all parts of India and developing their stunning projects. These real estate developers play vital role in the economic and infrastructural growth of the country. Few of the companies have stable their name in realty industry and few of them are trying to stable themselves. In this article we will talk about the best real estate developing companies in India and their length of popularity.

DLF is one of the most popular real estate companies in India which has developed near about lacs of projects in various parts of India. This company was established in 1946 and since then this has earned great name and fame in various parts of realty development. Another most trusted name in realty market of India is Unitech Builder, which is well known as the world class development and classy infrastructure. The list of top real estate developer in India is so long that if we start talking about all the companies it will take more than a day.

Apart from all these famous and reputed companies, there are some companies which are famous for which are famous for their new creativity like Airwil Group. This group is well known among the people for new concept and creativity in construction of projects. I am telling you an example of new creativity of this group, Smart City concept. This concept was first brought in India by this group. There is also a developer in South India which is known for world class infrastructure. Mantri Group is the name of real estate developer which is famous in south India real estate market. These developers have been continuously doing great in the path of real estate development.

Airwil Organic Smart City, a new thought in Real estate Projects

Smart City concept is very new in India. This concept has many more advantages for the people. The most attractive advantage for the people is its natural environment. These days the environment of the cities has become worse so people are always in search of such place where they can live in the midst of natural environment. People always wanted to get such type of city where they can get entire natural amenities and can also perform their residential, commercial and professional activities. Till date people did not get their desired place. But this concept of development is making the dream of people true and providing such a city where people can perform entire activities. Airwil Group, one of the leading real estate developers in India, is bringing its mixed use project in Yamuna Expressway with the concept of Smart City, Airwil Organic Smart City.

 Our honorable Prime Minister has stated the importance of smart city and he has also stated that there is great need of smart cities in our country. He has also stated that more than 100 of smart cities will developed in coming years in India. This is the government activity but the modern real estate developers also understand the demand and interest of the people and Airwil has brought this project. Organic Smart City is located just beside the Yamuna Expressway and this is one of the most reliable locations for the people. This location is well connected to each part of NCR and also having accessible facilities for each part.

This project has entire those amenities which are used to save nature and which provide natural amenities. The concept of smart city is fully based on nature. There are many more technologies which have been used to save nature and provide natural amenities in bulk amount. These facilities are organic waste convertor, smart health monitoring, rain water harvesting, shaded parking with solar panels; solar LED based street lightning and efficient air conditioning etc. Airwil Organic Smart City Yamuna Expressway is offering smart lifestyle in the midst of nature and modern technology. This project is offering smarter way of life style where you will get your entire destinations in close vicinity. With the buying of 1 BHK and 2 BHK residential apartments Organic smart City is offering free office space in the size of 150 sq ft. These apartments are fully equipped with world class facilities and luxuries amenities.

Airwil Organic Smart City Yamuna Expressway Noida by Airwil

Delhi is one of the most demanding cities in India. There are many reasons behind this interest of the people. This is the capital city of India and having more companies, industries and offices than all other cities in India. This city produces huge number of employments. The most attractive reason behind the interest of people in Delhi is employment, better schools & colleges and hospitals. People get here better schools where they can send their children to get education which will lighten their future. All of these attractive qualities of this city are attracting the people but the cost of property in Delhi is like a nightmare for the people which are touching the sky. According to the survey the atmosphere of this city is worse than other cities of the world. So people are migrating in Delhi in search of better jobs but they are targeting such place which can give them natural amenities and noise free environment.

There are many locations in NCR close to Delhi which can give better natural amenities to people but among all these locations Yamuna Expressway is most attractive place for the people. Yamuna Expressway is having entire facilities, connectivity links and accessible facilities which people need. Many of the real estate developing companies are developing their projects on this location but Airwil Organic Smart City is one of the most awaited and most demanding real estate projects in Yamuna Expressway.  This project is being developed in 75 acres of land which is the largest acquired land by any real estate company for a single project. There are many reasons behind the interest of the people towards this project and one is its concept of smart city. Airwil Organic City is all about a project which is especially designed to be eco friendly. Entire new technologies, which have been introduced by our scientists and engineers to save nature, have been used inside this project.

Living in eco friendly residence is always beneficial for the people regarding their health because as much as natural amenities you get, your health will be better. Airwil Organic Smart City Yamuna Expressway is offering residential apartments as well as commercial spaces which are well equipped with world class facilities and amenities.  The most attractive offer of this project is that people will people will get 150 sq ft of office spaces free of cost with 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments.