Airwil Organic Smart City, a new thought in Real estate Projects

Smart City concept is very new in India. This concept has many more advantages for the people. The most attractive advantage for the people is its natural environment. These days the environment of the cities has become worse so people are always in search of such place where they can live in the midst of natural environment. People always wanted to get such type of city where they can get entire natural amenities and can also perform their residential, commercial and professional activities. Till date people did not get their desired place. But this concept of development is making the dream of people true and providing such a city where people can perform entire activities. Airwil Group, one of the leading real estate developers in India, is bringing its mixed use project in Yamuna Expressway with the concept of Smart City, Airwil Organic Smart City.

 Our honorable Prime Minister has stated the importance of smart city and he has also stated that there is great need of smart cities in our country. He has also stated that more than 100 of smart cities will developed in coming years in India. This is the government activity but the modern real estate developers also understand the demand and interest of the people and Airwil has brought this project. Organic Smart City is located just beside the Yamuna Expressway and this is one of the most reliable locations for the people. This location is well connected to each part of NCR and also having accessible facilities for each part.

This project has entire those amenities which are used to save nature and which provide natural amenities. The concept of smart city is fully based on nature. There are many more technologies which have been used to save nature and provide natural amenities in bulk amount. These facilities are organic waste convertor, smart health monitoring, rain water harvesting, shaded parking with solar panels; solar LED based street lightning and efficient air conditioning etc. Airwil Organic Smart City Yamuna Expressway is offering smart lifestyle in the midst of nature and modern technology. This project is offering smarter way of life style where you will get your entire destinations in close vicinity. With the buying of 1 BHK and 2 BHK residential apartments Organic smart City is offering free office space in the size of 150 sq ft. These apartments are fully equipped with world class facilities and luxuries amenities.


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