Assotech Sandal Suites Shirdi a Proper Place at Proper Moment

Many of the places in India are spiritual places and all these spiritual places are popular because of having their own ancient story related to god and related to saints. Among all these places Shirdi is also a spiritual place which is popular as holy place in India and abroad and this city is a part of Nasik in the state of Maharashtra. This city is so much popular because of Sai Baba a greatest saint of India. This great saint came in Shirdi when he was only 16 years old and after coming here he sat under a Neem tree and started meditation. He got Gyan here under that Neem tree and after that he did not leave this city and lived here. Sai Baba spent 50 years of his life here and during this period he taught many of the people the lesson of humanity and also served the helpless people. He took his last breath here in 1918 and after his death a temple was constructed by some of his devotees and this temple started getting huge popularity. These days this temple is counted among the most prestigious and most engaged temple in India because more than one crore of people came to worship on this place and this number of people is increasing day by day. Some of the devotees of Sai are searching for residence on that place and seeing the popularity of this place many of the real estate developers have launched their residential projects on this place.

One of the most famous hotels in Shirdi is Sun ‘N’ Sand and beside this hotel Assotech Realty has launched its residential project in the name of Assotech Sandal Suites Shirdi. This project of Assotech is taking place only 700 meters away from the most famous temple of Sai. Inside this residential project, apartments are not being constructed, suites are being constructed with the facilities of 5 star hotel. Total number of Suites inside this project is 110 and each one suite is being taking space of 775 sq feet and each one suite is being offered in the price of 40.90 lacs. These suites are being provided world class facilities and also provided entire amenities related to spiritual spirit. Entire modern facilities have been provided inside all the suites and also outside of the suites of Sandal Suites Shirdi Apartments.


Jaypee Greens Studio Apartments Noida is A Unique Mega Township Project

Jaypee Sports City is the first sports city of India and that has also written his name in the history of India in golden words because of having Buddha International Circuit. This circuit is the first and maiden till date formula one racing track in India and this racing track hosts a formula one racing tournament per year in which many of the formula one racing players come to participate and show their racing. One racing tournament is at least played every year. Another gaming facility is also coming on this location in form of international cricket stadium. Because of these qualities this location is more attraction of the people. Some other qualities of locations are also available here and those area belonging to the availability of transportation services and also belonging to the facility of connectivity. So these days many of the people are trying to get residence on this location because of their interest in games and their love with peace. Many of the real estate developing companies are coming with residential projects on this part and the developer of India’s first sports city has also launched a residential project on this location.

That residential project of Jaypee has been named Jaypee Greens Buddh Circuit Studios because of offering only studio apartments. Those studio apartments are laden with many more luxuries and comfort full facilities and amenities. Two types of studio apartments are being constructed for the offerings to the customers and both of those studio apartments are being developed over 560 and 725 sq feet of spaces. Both of these studio apartments are having one bedroom, kitchen along with one bathroom. Studio apartment which is being developed over 725 sq feet of space that is containing an extra study room. Price of these apartments is same according to per sq feet and that is 3900 per sq feet. This time the first phase of booking is going on and at the time of booking only 1.25 Lac amount is payable.

Each of the studio apartments has been provided a separate car parking space in parking and a huge parking area is being offered. Parking space has also been offered for visitors. All types of modern amenities have been provided here in Jaypee Greens Studio Apartments Noida. In each and every point of view Jaypee Studio Apartment is a perfect place for a happy family.

Trustone City Noida A Business Park By Wegmans Industries

Wegmans Group is one amongst acknowledged real estate developer in India and this real estate developing group encompasses a nice quality that this real estate developer develops solely industrial projects. Several of the cities of India are hosting the industrial projects developed by Wegmans Group. Another industrial comes conjointly running in some cities of India and among these cities there’s also a reputation of Noida and this town is additionally hosting construction of an industrial project of Wegmans real estate developing group within the name of Trustone City Noida. This is being developed in one in all the marvelous locations of area of NCR. Noida extension has been divided in to technical zones and Noida Technical Zone four is hosting the development of Trustone City Noida. The placement is additionally having a lot of qualities of a far better location therefore customers are going to be more attracted towards this.

Huge part of land is covered by this project and 25 acres is entire space of Trustone City Noida. Smartest thing regarding this project is its offerings of 3 sides open plots for offices. Many of the companies are coming on this location that is situated close to the Ghaziabad Greater Noida highway. Being on such place wherever most of an equivalent business connected firm’s are there provides entire higher information relating to your business. One amongst the foremost acknowledged firms of Information Technology business in India is HCL and this company is additionally about to have its own campus close to at the location of Trustone City Noida. Another very best quality of location is its shut property to close bus stops and projected metro station.

Many types of office spaces are being offered in this commercial project of Wegmans Group and those sizes of office spaces are multiple of 250 sq feet. Other sizes of office spaces are 500, 750 and 1000 sq feet. These sizes of office spaces are being offered with better facilities and amenities. Trustone City office spaces are being offered in three types of prices and those are 6900 per sq feet on first floor and 4950 and 5000 per sq feet on above floors to 1st floor. Entire modern demands of commercial complexes are fulfilled here. Wegmans Trustone City Noida is a commercial complex with the greatest offerings of office spaces with world class facilities.

Victory Ace Noida a Proper Place at Proper Moment

Noida has become the residential and commercial hub of northern India. Many of the companies are working in this city and all those companies are having a number of employees. This has increased the demand of residence in this city. A number of areas in this city are being developed by real estate developers. Some of the areas of Noida are being developed is a fast pace and those areas are having great quality of advantages. Among these emerging areas Noida Sector 143 is also an area which is being developed in a fast pace and many of real estate developers are developing many types of projects in this part of Noida. Talking about the advantages of location Noida sector 143 is having many more types of transportation facilities also having connectivity of roads for every part of Noida and also to every part of cities which are located besides Noida as Delhi, Greater Noida and Etc. some other highlights and Jaypee Sports City Noida are also attractive qualities of the location. Because of these qualities real estate developers are attracting towards this part and people are also attracting this part of Noida for their residence. People who are having great affection to sports are being attracted towards Noida sector 143 because Buddha International Circuit is located closed to this and an International Cricket Stadium has also been proposed for this part of the city.

Victory Infratech is also an emerging and shinning real estate developer that is developing residential project in Noida sector 143 that project is named Victory Ace Noida. Residential apartments are being offered inside this project of Victory Group and these apartments are being offered in two forms of apartments. Those two forms of offerings of this residential project are 3 and 4 BHK apartments. Both of these apartments are being offered with entire modern and luxuries amenities. 3 BHK apartments which are being offered inside this residential project are being offered in 3 forms of 3 BHK apartments on different sizes. 4 BHK apartments are being offered in a single form of apartment and that is having four bedrooms along with a servant quarter. Victory Ace Sector 143 Noida is laden with entire modern and high class facilities and amenities that will offer you high class life style.

The Golden Palm Village Noida A Smart Move

Most of the new innovative concepts have come into the construction of the residential projects. Each and every real estate developing company has been developing residential and commercial projects. These days new residential and commercial projects are being developed beside Yamuna expressway and this is the area which is holding the construction of many projects one by one and all those projects are most liked by the customers. Development of projects in this area has a number of causes. One of the most important causes is Yamuna expressway; this provides better accessibility to the people who are living in this part of the city. Other causes of development are coming because of the international projects which have been planned to come here and availability of Buddha International Circuit. People working in other parts of National Capital Region areas and people who are in love with sports are attracting towards the projects being developed beside Yamuna expressway.

Many of the builders are developing their projects in this part of the city and Nimbus is also a very reputed name of real estate builder and this has also developed a residential project in sector 22A beside Yamuna expressway. The place of its development is having other connectivity of roads that leads to each and every part of NCR except Yamuna expressway. India’s first Night Safari has been planned for development beside Yamuna expressway and this is also coming beside the boundary of The Golden Palm Village that is being developed here by Nimbus. Another advantage of location is that new project of Jaypee that is an international cricket stadium is coming few meters away from The Golden Palm Village Noida.

2 and 3 BHK apartments are being offered inside this residential project of Nimbus group. Both of these two types of apartments are being developed over different spaces and those are also being offered in many forms of apartments. Entire facilities related to daily need of a human being have been provided here and entire separate spaces related to each and every activity of the people have been provided inside the boundaries of The Golden Palm Village. Both of these apartments are being offered in the price of 2700 per sq feet. Entire construction of the apartments is earthquake resistant. Entire materials which have been used in the construction of The Golden Palm Village Noida Sector 22A Yamuna Expressway have been brought from reputed companies.

Move on to Your Victory Ace Sector 143 Noida

Sports lovers are becoming higher place in step with their spirit which is found in Noida as Jaypee Sports City. Terribly near the sports town Noida sector 143 is found. People, in love with sports, need to urge a residence during this space from wherever they’ll visit this sports town simply and may get pleasure from their sports spirit. This interest of folks has attracted people towards this place and development of residential projects is increasing in an exceedingly quick pace during this location. Most of the noted developers of real estate of India are developing their projects. Among entire realty developers Victory Infratech is additionally a true estate developer that has launched a residential project in Noida sector 143. This cluster includes a nice expertise of developing world category residential unit and this presentation of the builder is a rare presentation in realty as residential project.

Victory Infratech has launched this project with the name of Victory Ace. Location where Victory Ace is being developed has entire facilities of transportation that are accessible in Delhi NCR. Road connectivity is already available here for this location for all different locations of Delhi and NCR. Metro line is additionally a good facility of transportation in capital region and this facility is additionally coming back here in few months. In step with the important estate analyst this project has been given the name of a revolutionary residential project in Noida and in realty market of India. 3 and 4 BHK apartments are the greatest offerings of Victory Ace Noida and these apartments are being offered in affordable prices.

3 BHK apartments are being offered in 3 forms of apartments. Each of the three forms of apartments is being developed on different sizes of land and each one of the apartment is differing from each other because of containing study rooms, servant rooms and others. 4 BHK apartments are being offered in a single form and that is having 4 bedrooms and same number of bathrooms along with modular kitchen and servant quarter. One of the most attractive specialties of this residential project is that each of the rooms of the apartments is equipped with a separate balcony and each of the apartments is three side open apartments. Victory Ace Sector 143 Noida is a great example of world class architecture and world class facilities having residential project.

Victory Ace Noida – Reflection of Modern Living

Demand of residence is increasing in NCR and many of the real estate developers are trying to get advantage from this type of demand and they are developing their projects in NCR. These few of the areas located in NCR are being counted among most emerging areas. One of these most emerging areas is Noida sector 143. Each of the real estate developers develop their projects on such area where each type of advantages of location can be obtainable and Noida sector 143 is equipped with all these types of advantages whatever any one wants to get from the location of their residence. Noida sector 143 is also containing much type of transpiration facilities that will help the people fort going to any part of NCR from here and also having great connectivity of roads. One of the greatest connectivity of roads is being provided to Noida sector 143 by Yamuna expressway, located beside this sector of Noida. These days this area has also become most demanded areas of Noida because of the launching of many fresh projects close to this and beside Yamuna expressway. This area is also a great attraction for games lovers because first formula one racing track of India is also located close vicinity to Noida sector 143.

Availability of so many facilities and advantages of location and demand of people have also attracted real estate developers for developing residential projects. Victory Infratech is also very reputed real estate developer in India and this has also launched a residential project in Noida sector 143 and that project has been named Victory Ace Noida. This residential project is being developed with the offerings of 3 and 4 BHK apartments. These apartments are being offered in many sizes and one of its 3 BHK apartments are being offered in 3 forms. All of these forms of apartments are being provided world class facilities. Each of the apartments are being offered separate balcony along with each room inside the apartments. Entire apartments are open from three sides.

Water softening plant has been arranged inside the Victory Ace Noida that will provide 24 hours water supply. Party lawns and joggings tracks have been provided and spaces related to each type of outdoor games have been provided inside the boundaries of Victory Ace Noida Sector 143.