Invest in World Trade Center Greater Noida

The whole world always thought that India will only be the nation for spices and snake charmers but this oldest civilization has achieved remarkable growth in recent years and made its own identity with remarkable growth. Be it medical science, education, IT or management, India has emerged as one of the leading nations and attracted world renowned companies towards it. The current scenario of Indian economy is better than some of the developed nations, such as US, France, Italy etc. Such a fast paced economy and development in every sector has now created a need for infrastructural development. To fulfill this growing need, real estate companies is now establishing world class buildings where people can work with high acumen and live in the comfortable environment. When we talk about India’s real estate industry, Noida tops the list, as this modern city boasts of exquisite environment and the most important is its green surroundings.

Due to all these unmatched persona of Noida, World Trade Center, the worldwide association of office complexes, has decided to open up new branch here. This global chain of office network is currently present in more than 330 cities of 100 countries. It was David Rockefeller, who started this magnificent group of office complexes in the year 1959. Today, it has been more than 54 years of its establishment and with this due course of time; World Trade Center has developed a network of more than one million companies. New York is the Headquarter of World Trade Center Noida from where the development and other activities are guided. The mission of this coveted group is to promote flourishing through the development of local companies and international trade. It provides high-tech working environment where people can meet for exchanging ideas of international and local business.

For the development in India, World Trade Center has collaborated with international real estate developer Spire World. Moreover, the location for this project is decided to be Tech Zone 1 Greater Noida, which is suitable for such type of international commercial project. Stupendous design and modern amenities of this world class office complex will certainly make a mark in the real estate development of Noida as well as India. All these incomparable qualities provide security over the investment and the best part of this office complex is that assurance for a huge return on the investment is already given to the buyers. WTC Noida will offer two kinds of office spaces on separate floors. In addition, the minimum size of 500 square feet is being offered on 1st floor to 5th floor and above that, the office spaces spreading over that 350 square feet, 525 square feet and 1000 square feet are available World Trade Center Greater Noida.


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