Boom Time for DPL Nature Retreat Noida

DPL Group is an ISO 9000: 2008 company. The group appears for developing an environment suitable for leading a life in conformity with Nature. The group has presented some of the most significant Nature – friendly oriented residences which best suit healthier living. The group count on a quality awareness and consumer satisfaction base.

DPL Nature Retreat is a farm house unit residential project by DPL Group. All varieties of services and facilities have been given space inside this excellent household project. DPL Nature Retreat as its name indicates offers completely nature-friendly residing in your wish farm houses. Having a close distance to F-1 racing outlet it much better serves your player spirit as well. It offers uncompromising quality, high level of style and amazing Eco experience for you and your family members. Farm houses are hallmarked with wonderful lakes and spectacular landscapes. DPL Nature Retreat aims for optimum usage of natural resources and their control for up-gradation of livelihoods in an ecological way.

The Project features of high level connectivity as it is located by the Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida near the Buddha International circuit, Buddha University and many other essential locations of the area, which presents it with excellent location advantage and excellent connectivity to the proximal locations such as Noida, Delhi and Agra. It offers a wide range of space and designs set in the exquisitely landscaped farms for residential requirements. The residences here will be ultimate style statement and above normal quality. The farm houses are enclosed with beautiful ponds and breathtaking landscapes. Nature Retreat Noida is planned in keeping sports in mind as there are arrangements for every kind of indoor and outdoor sports like skating, cricket, football, horse riding, swimming etc in it. The minimum land that you can have in the project for residential purposes is 1008 square yards. The price list for the area in the project is around at least Rs 3600 per sq. yards. This close to nature residential entities project is also packed with many ultra modern luxurious services and amenities that will make living there a pleasure. The primary amenities are almost complete in the project and the tentative date for the possession of the farm houses in the project to the clients is in October 2013. The land in the project is freehold plots which will be available with registry. The plot sizes sold in the project will be in the multiple of 1 Big has which is around 1008 square yards.


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