Trustone City Noida Extension A Perfect Address to Enhance Your Business

Wegmans is one of the reputed real estate developing company in Republic of India and this company encompasses a nice record of developing business comes and lots of the business comes are developed by this developing company. Solely business projects are developed by this company and lots of developed commercial projects have became the foremost tightened comes within the cities and these comes are also giving higher services to the folks that are the parts of the projects. Recent days another commercial project has been launched by this real estate developing company which project has been given the name of Trustone City and this project is being launched in Noida Extension technical Zone four. This space is one among the foremost tightened area in NCR and lots of the commercial buildings are already providing better services to the people here. Recently this place has become one among the foremost engaging areas wherever several of firms are already operating and every one alternative company are coming in Noida Extension. One among the most effective elements of its quality is its shut neighborhood to the Greater Noida Ghaziabad highway. The precise location of this business project is Noida Extension technical zone four that’s settled simply beside the main road and conjointly near the placement of declared campus of HCL.

This business project of Wegmans is giving workplace areas for several kind of firms associated with the software developing, IT and ITES and etc. workplace areas for these kinds of firms are being offered in several sizes and therefore the sizes of workplace areas are multiple of 250 sq feet because the sizes are 500 sq feet, 750 sq feet and 1000 sq feet. These sizes of workplace areas being offered to the shoppers in reasonable costs and therefore the costs are variable. Workplace areas that are available on the first floor of the towers are priced only 6900/sq feet. Higher than this floor of the towers till forth floor, the workplace areas are being offered to the shoppers at the worth of 4950 and 5000 sq feet. Above to this floor office spaces inside Trustone City Noida are being priced 4950/ sq feet. Such amenities have been provided that will be able to provide the employees to give a better working environment. Trustone City Noida Extension Tech Zone 4 is one of the best commercial complexes which are providing services in NCR.


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