Wegmans Trustone City Noida Creating Luxury Commercial Space

Noida extension is the most demanding area for the companies because this is such a part of NCR which is having many of the good qualities for a company and already many of the companies are working here. One of the parts of this city Noida extension Tech zone 4 is having many new campuses and offices of the companies and among these companies HCL, a most reputed software developing company of India, has launched its campus of this location and other companies related to the such types of works are also having their companies in this part of Noida extension. Many other companies are also searching their office spaces on this so that they might establish their offices, labs and any other type of office on this location. One of the most important causes of this location by which companies are being attracted towards this location and that is its location which is just beside the Greater Noida Ghaziabad Highway. This highway is providing better facilities of connectivity and transportation for this location. Real estate companies are also participating to fulfill the desires of the companies and offering their office spaces on this location with the help of their commercial projects. This type of project is being developed by many real estate companies.

One of the most reputes real estate companies of India which has a great record of developing commercial projects; Wegmans Group has also come into this area with a marvelous commercial project which is named Trustone City. This project is being developed just beside the campus of HCL. Its location is also clearly connected to each and every part of the city and on these connectivity links transportation facilities are always available for each destination which is located in Noida and in other cities which are the parts of NCR.

Many sizes of office spaces are the offerings of Wegmans Trustone City Noida Extension; each of the size of office spaces is multiple of 250 sq feet as sizes of 500, 750 and 1000 sq feet. These sizes are being offered in three types of the prices and the prices are differing from each other according to the availability of office spaces on the floors. Office spaces which are being offered on first floor are being offered in price of 6900/sq feet and above this floor each of the office space is being offered in the price of 5000 and 4050/sq feet.


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