Office Spaces Available Trustone City Noida Extension

Special Economic Zones are the most likely commercial projects of the companies and in this type of project companies are showing their great interest for their office spaces. In the same way Noida extension is such a place which is also most likely by the companies. This is such a place which is having many of the companies and these days many of other companies are coming on this location. Noida extension has been divided into many parts and those parts have been divided according to the Tech Zones and in tech zone 4 many software companies are coming on this location. Most reputed software developing company is HCL in India and this has also come into this location of Noida extension as one of its campuses. In the same way many other company which are working in this business are also coming on this location. Main cause by which companies are attracted towards this location is because of the Ghaziabad Greater Noida highway. Berceuse of this highway companies are coming in this area and getting g a better benefit of connectivity.

A real estate company which is having a great track record of developing commercial complexes has also become a part of the development in Noida extension and this has also launched a commercial project in this location in the name of Trustone City Noida. This commercial project is being developed for offering office spaces to the people and entire office spaces are being offered for the use of software industry, ITES and IT etc. These are being offered in many sizes and the sizes of these office spaces are multiple of 250 and the sizes are 100, 750, 500 and 250 sq feet. These sizes are being offered to the customers in three prices and these prices and changing according to the availability of office spaces on the number of floor of the tower of Trustone City Noida Extension Tech Zone 4. Office spaces available on the first floor of the tower are being offered with the price of 6900 per sq feet. Above to first floor and till 4th floor of the tower, office spaces are being priced 4950 per sq feet and 5000 per sq feet. Office spaces which are being offered above from 4th floor are being priced in 4950 per sq feet.


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