Jaypee Greens Buddh Circuit Studios Newest Luxury Project by Jaypee Greens

Jaypee Sports City is the first sports city of India and this has also written its name in golden words in the history of India because of having first formula one racing track of India. This is also the first formula one racing track of India on which the first tournament of formula one was played. That formula one racing track of Noida has been named Buddha International Circuit. In the same sports city most famous game of these days in India is coming with its playground and that is cricket. Other sports facilities are also coming in this sports city along with their playgrounds. This sports city is having close vicinity to the latest edition of expressway in India which is Yamuna expressway. This expressway is also going to host many of the projects which have been announced to come besides this expressway. Some of these types of projects which are coming beside this expressway are Night Safari and 7 Star Hotel. These projects have attracted many of the people towards this location and some of the people are searching for their residences on this location.

Jaypee has launched one of its residential projects in this sports city and that project is offering studio apartments. Residential project of Jaypee has been named Jaypee Greens Buddh Circuit Studios Apartments. This project of residential apartment is offering two types of studio apartments and these studio apartments are being developed on the sizes of 560 and 725 sq feet. Studio apartments on the size of 560 sq feet are having one bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Apartment on the size of 725 sq feet are having same quantities of the small unit of studio apartments but that is also containing an extra study room.

All of the apartments are having great qualities of facilities that will provide the people a mental peace. Entire architectural design of this studio apartment offering project is done with following the rules of Vaastu and each and every type of facility has been provided inside Jaypee Greens Studio Apartments. All types of facilities regarding games have been provided along with their playgrounds. Booking of these apartments have been started and these apartments are bei8ng booked with the amount of 1.25 and 1.50 lakh. This price of booking is the lowest price of booking compared to any other project.


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