Jaypee Greens Studio Apartments Noida is A Unique Mega Township Project

Jaypee Sports City is the first sports city of India and that has also written his name in the history of India in golden words because of having Buddha International Circuit. This circuit is the first and maiden till date formula one racing track in India and this racing track hosts a formula one racing tournament per year in which many of the formula one racing players come to participate and show their racing. One racing tournament is at least played every year. Another gaming facility is also coming on this location in form of international cricket stadium. Because of these qualities this location is more attraction of the people. Some other qualities of locations are also available here and those area belonging to the availability of transportation services and also belonging to the facility of connectivity. So these days many of the people are trying to get residence on this location because of their interest in games and their love with peace. Many of the real estate developing companies are coming with residential projects on this part and the developer of India’s first sports city has also launched a residential project on this location.

That residential project of Jaypee has been named Jaypee Greens Buddh Circuit Studios because of offering only studio apartments. Those studio apartments are laden with many more luxuries and comfort full facilities and amenities. Two types of studio apartments are being constructed for the offerings to the customers and both of those studio apartments are being developed over 560 and 725 sq feet of spaces. Both of these studio apartments are having one bedroom, kitchen along with one bathroom. Studio apartment which is being developed over 725 sq feet of space that is containing an extra study room. Price of these apartments is same according to per sq feet and that is 3900 per sq feet. This time the first phase of booking is going on and at the time of booking only 1.25 Lac amount is payable.

Each of the studio apartments has been provided a separate car parking space in parking and a huge parking area is being offered. Parking space has also been offered for visitors. All types of modern amenities have been provided here in Jaypee Greens Studio Apartments Noida. In each and every point of view Jaypee Studio Apartment is a perfect place for a happy family.


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