Assotech Sandal Suites Shirdi is A Unique Mega Township Project

India is the country of many religions and this country also contains many more holy places. These places have their own stories about them those places or cities are also famous because of being the birth place of great people and residence of great people and saints. Among these entire places of Asian nation Shirdi is additionally a spot. This town may be a half Nasik Maharashtra. This place has gained quality attributable to being the residence of nice saint Sai Baba. At the age of sixteen this great saint came in Nasik and started meditation here beneath a Neem tree. On constant place that nice saint found Gyan and subsequently he spent here remaining days of his life. He spent here quite fifty years and stayed here in then services of helpless individuals. Sai baba took his last breath in Shirdi and when his death a temple was created by his devotees. Quality of this nice saint has reached in every a part of the planet and this temple of Saint Sai has become most engaging temple in Asian nation and abroad. From 1918, the year of his death, pilgrims come back to worship during this temple from every corner of the planet and range of pilgrims forever increase annually and last year this range of pilgrims was quite one large integer. Most of the devotees of Sai need to measure here for remaining entire days of their life. Many of the hotels are there here within the service of devotees of Saint Sai Baba. One in every of these celebrated hotels is Sun ‘N’ Sand.

Most of the important real estate corporations have affected towards this town with their residential comes. One of these land corporations is Assotech Realty and this has launched a residential project in Shirdi which has been named Assotech Sandal Suites Shirdi. This project is developing suites within the boundaries and therefore the range of suites is 110. These suites area unit being provided five star facilities and full fine arts style of Sandal Suites Shirdi has been done by the port primarily based so much far-famed architectures. Outside of the suites free area has been provided during which retailers of the pastries and bakeries are organized. A number of the character savings facilities are used within this Sandal Suites Shirdi and people area unit wastage exercise and water gathering facilities.


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