Wegmans Group Offer Commercial Project in Noida

Real estate business is one of the fastest growing businesses in India. Inside this business works related to properties come under this. Among these works development of construction rebuilding and many other activities come. Many of the companies India are working in real estate development. Residential and commercial projects are two types of projects that are being developed inside real estate development. Companies which are working in India develop many of the projects related to residential and commercial projects. Some of the companies have got extraordinary place in the heart of the people because of construction of the commercial complexes. Wegmans Group is also a same type of real estate Company that develops only commercial projects and those projects are the example of the extraordinary work of the employees of the companies. In the capital city of India many of the real estate companies are developing their residential and commercial projects. This group is also developing a commercial project in Noida extension. That commercial project of Wegmans Group has been named Wegmans Trustone City. One of the most demanding areas for office spaces is handling the development of the project and that is Noida extension Tech Zone 4.

This is the most demanding location of the companies related to software industry and also related to IT department. This is the same location where HCL is going to establish its own campus and that campus of HCL is very close to the location of Trustone City Noida Extension. Entire facilities regarding transportation are available on Greater Noida Ghaziabad highway and the bank of this highway is the location of the commercial project of Wegmans Group. One of the traffic free transportation facility inside national capital region of India is metro and that service of transportation is already available from here and that is few steps away from Trustone City Noida.

Office spaces are offered here in four forms of sizes and those are 250, 500, 750 and 1000 sq feet. These sizes of apartments are available here on first floor in the price of 6200 per sq feet. Above first floor entire office spaces are being offered in two prices and those prices of the office spaces are 4950 and 5000 rupees per sq feet. These office spaces have been provided the facility of centrally air condition and world class facilities.


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