Wegmans Group Offer Commercial Space in Noida Extension

Wegmans Group is one of the most prestigious groups of real estate in India. This group only works over the development of commercial projects and projects which have been developed by this group has become land marks in their cities. Many of the commercial projects as hotels, business parks and plazas have been successfully developed by Wegmans Group. These days this group has cared for the development of demand of office spaces. This demand has taken a great form in Noida and entire cities located in NCR. Office spaces for software industries and IT companies are most demanding spaces over this location.

Trustone City is the new presentation of Wegmans Group in Noida extension. This is being constructed for offering office spaces. The place where Trustone City is located is the most demanding location of these days and many of the companies are opening their branches on that location and that is the bank of Ghaziabad Greater Noida Highway. This is the place where one of the most popular information technology companies in India HCL is going to have its own campus on that area and this commercial project of Wegmans Group is locating at the bank of that campus of HCL. Noida Extension 4 is the location of Trustone City Noida Extension. Most of the companies are opening their branches and for this they are searching for better commercial projects and this project has come to fulfill the desires of people and companies.

Office spaces are being offered inside this project is many more forms and those are being offered for various forms of businesses and offices. Those office spaces are being offered in many forms of sizes and whatever size customer think suitable for him he can choose and book his size. A very large size has been acquired for the development of this commercial project of Wegmans Group and that huge part of land is 25 acres. Four types of sizes are being offered for office spaces and those are 250, 500, 750 and 1000 sq feet and entire these sizes are being offered in two prices. One of the decided prices is 4950 per sq feet and another is 5000 per sq feet. Entire office spaces and outside places of office spaces have been provided world class facilities and better amenities for better offices.


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