Assotech Sandal Suites Shirdi Is A Luxurious Serviced Apartment by Assotech Realty

A number of holy places are located in India and those holy places have their individual stories and also those places are famous for being birth place and residences of the great personalities and saints. Shirdi is also a holy place which is located in Nasik Maharashtra. This place has also a great story of Saint Sai Baba. Sai Baba did not take birth here but he got Gyan here and after getting Gyan under a Neem tree he lived here. At the time of living here he served the helpless people and taught people. He spent here more than 50 years of life and in the last moment of his life he took mausoleum here and he was buried here. After some days of his mausoleum, devotes of this great saint constructed a temple here with his statue and name. Sai Baba was the first Saint of India whom people have seen in front of them. With time popularity of this great saint is spreading in entire world. These days this temple has got great popularity inside entire world and pilgrims come from entire part of the world. Last year number of the visitors was more than one crore and this number was more than the number of pilgrims which came in the year before last year.

Some of the devotees of Sai want to get their own residence in Shirdi and want to spend their entire remaining life in this holy place. So a real estate developer of India Assotech Realty has announced a residential project near at the temple of Sai in the name of Sandal Suites Shirdi. The distance between temple and this residential project of Assotech is only 700 meters and also close to one of the famous hotels of Shirdi Sun ‘N’ Sand. After taking your own residence you can visit the temple per day.

Sandal Suites Shirdi has great offerings of suites and number of suites in this project is 110. These suites have been provided such facilities that have made these suites serviced residences. These suites have been provided the facilities of 5 star hotels and these suites have also been provided entire world class amenities. Entire designs of these suites have been designed by Dubai based world class architectures. Assotech Sandal Suites Shirdi is one of the great examples of the mixture of modernity and devotion.


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