World Trade Center Greater Noida Fully Furnished Business Center

World Trade Center an international company and Spire World an Indian Company has begun a project in Noida sector 16 together. That project is named World Trade Center Greater Noida. First of all the location is making a sweet place in the heart of the people because this is the perfect location for everyone to set their offices. Metro facility is already here only few meters away from WTC and everyone is familiar to this information that metro link has covered entire areas of Delhi and NCR. Noida sector 16 is located at the edge of DND Flyway and WTC is coming on the right side of the Delhi Noida Direct Flyway. There is no other place in NCR that is as convenient as this location. Coming towards Noida from South Delhi sector 16 is the first place after end point of Delhi. After successfully completed and ongoing projects in project in near about 100 countries with 330 towers, World Trade Center Greater Noida has moved towards India to see the speed of development of Indian market. The superb part of WTC is its designing of project that is the great job of Dubai based popular and famous designers.

The world famous features of WTC are definitely going to attract the people towards it. The office spaces are offered in three sizes. The sizes are changing according to two types of offices. These types are furnished offices and unfurnished offices. If you are interested in furnished offices then the sizes will be 350, 525 and 1000 sq. ft. If you are interested in unfurnished offices then the sizes will be 500 sq. ft and more than this size whatever you wish. The unfurnished offices will be available between one to five floors and the furnished offices will be available at six and seven floor. These sizes will definitely fulfill your entire need of the working space. At the booking time you will have to pay 2 Lacs of amount and within 60 days rest of the amount should be payable. The World Trade Center Greater Noida and the Spire World is assuring the healthy return for the investors the assured return will be 10 to 13% of your invested amount. Minimum amount for the investment is 24,50,000 in the furnished offices and 24,00,000 for unfurnished offices. This will be the place where the business will meet and the conference and the meeting will be held. Having so many types of the features and facilities World Trade Center Greater Noida will be most popular sight for the offices and the work place.


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