Assotech Sandal Suites Shirdi An Impression of Fine Living Amid Captivating Greens

Assotech Sandal Suites Shirdi, Holy place in India named Shirdi in Nasik Maharashtra is going to host the new project of Assotech Realty with the name of Assotech Sandal Suites. This place has been the historical place for being residential place of Saint Shri Sai Baba. He has been living here till the date of his mausoleum in 1918. After his death a temple with his name was constructed and this place became famous. More than one Crore of pilgrimages travel this place from worldwide and this number is on a great speed of increasing. But after taking your own suite here you can easily go to the temple everyday and you can cover distance on your foot. The distance is only 700 meters. The famous hotel in Shirdi is sun ‘N’ Sand hotel and Sandal Suites Shirdi is located beside this reputed hotel.

5 star hotel facilities are available in Sandal Suites and these suites are the owner of best architecture and best accommodation. One hundred and ten suites are decided for construction like a palace. These suites will make you feel like a king and those suites will also give you the best comfort of life. The design and arrangements will also attract your mind towards peace and offer you the greatest joy of life. Design will make you feel at the time of entrance as entering into your kingdom of palace. The facilities will offer you a life accommodation. This project is a great example of luxuries residence. Area out of residences will hold retail shops bakeries and pastries. Assotech Sandal Suites has separate facilities for separate floors and separate residences. High speed elevators will offer best facility for you and your guests. Facilities for your better life styles are most attractive for its customers in Assotech Sandal Suites Shirdi.

Meditation spirit will be continued and for this you will get a temple and all the required areas nearby the temples are available as the separate area for Havan and Satsang. You can continue your spirit of meditation. The apartments of Sandal Suites Shirdi have been planned for construction over the area of seven hundreds and seventy five sq feet. The basic sale price for the residences has been decided near about 49.90 Lacs. In these areas you will be given all the accommodations and all the better standard of living facilities.


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