Assotech Sandal Suites A Luxury and Comfort Residency

Assotech Realty has always been the greatest symbol of the world class and luxuries project giving company. Few days ago the new and the great innovation has been launched at a great place in Shirdi with the name of Sandal Suites Shirdi. The distance of 700 meters has been measured between the place of Sai Baba and Sandal Suites Shirdi. This location has been the witness as the residential place of the Sai Baba before the time of 1918, Sai Baba used to live here and he also took his last breath here. In his best memories the temple has been constructed this is one of the most visited place by the people of entire world. The number of pilgrims have been counted more than one Crore and 10 Lacs. The number is taking a great increment per year. It has been expected that number will become double in coming three years. How better will be to get a residence at this place where so much number of pilgrims comes per year. After taking a residence at this place you can easily go to the temple every day on foot because the distance is less the one kilometer for Sandal Suites Shirdi. The apartments are coming with the facility of 5 star hotels.

These serviced residences are with the most efficient facilities. The apartments are the master piece design of the most reputed personalities those are famed in entire world. Entire area of the project is getting the facilities of the separate services in separate apartments. At the time of entering into the residence the feeling of entering into palace will definitely come. The designs and the art in the constriction are incomparable to other projects. Lifts are available for all the floors and you can also use the elevator facilities for getting up and down in the residences. The separate facility of elevators has been attached for the coming guests. The facilities of spirit of the meditation have also been considered and the facility for this type of spirit is also available in Assotech Sandal Suites. For keeping your spirit always maintained customers can use the facility of temple, Havan and Pooja places. You will live here the parallel life of the meditation spirit and the parallel to the life. In the Satsang hall you can chant the bhajans.


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