Wegmans Trustone City Noida A Special Economic Zone

One of the leading software related countries is India and many of the companies are having software industry in the cities of India. Companies always give first priority to the capital of nation for their offices and in India companies give first priority to Delhi and these days companies are also coming in the nearly located cities to Delhi and those cities are also having many more companies and offices of business related works of software and Information Technology industry. Many of the companies are taking place in Noida, Greater Noida, Noida extension and Gurgaon. Noida extension has been divided into technical zones and in these tech zones many of the companies are working with their offices and many more companies are also planning to come in Noida extension. Commercial spaces are always given first priority for office spaces of IT offices. These companies which are coming in Noida Extension are also in search of commercial complexes. Many real estate companies are developing commercial projects and those are offering office spaces.

Among this real estate developing companies Wegmans Group is also a commercial project developing companies and this group is popular because of developing commercial projects. These commercial complexes developed by Wegmans Group are having their own name in commercial spaces offering projects. Another commercial project is being developed by this group in name of Trustone City Noida in Noida tech zone 4. This is also offering office spaces for information technology related business. This place is also having great qualities of transportation facilities and connected to entire parts of the city. Office spaces are available here in many forms of sizes. Size of the office spaces inside Trustone City Noida are multiple of 250 sq feet till 1000 sq feet. Between these sizes spaces are available in 500 and 750 sq feet.

These sizes of office spaces are available in affordable prices and prices of these office spaces are two types of prices 4950 and 5000/ sq feet. Office spaces are available in the prices on 1st to 4th floor and above these floors office spaces are available in the same price of 4950/ sq feet. Wegmans Trustone City Noida office spaces are equipped with entire modern amenities and entire constructions of the complexes have been certified by LEED Certification. Environment inside these complexes is eco friendly.


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